CIBSC Study Trip to Taiwan 2018 (CIBSC- HKPOLYU)


Organizer Mr. ZHANG Zhenyu
Time 2018. 05. 22 - 2018. 05. 25
Venue National Taiwan University & National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Purpose Academic Communication & Exchange
Significance National Taiwan University (NTU) is considered the most prestigious university in Taiwan and one of the top ranked universities in the world. National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) is a comprehensive and competitive university around the world, particularly in research fields of construction engineering management, and construction automation & robotics.It is very honored to accept invitation from the Department of Civil Engineering, NTU and the Department of Civil and Construction Engineering, NTUST in May of 2018. The two-day study trip, held from 24th to 25th May 2018, provides a precious opportunity not only to discuss relevant research topics in the forms of academic presentation, but also establish extraordinary profound friendship within participants via this activity.

It is the second time for Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HKPOLYU) CIBSC visiting National Taiwan University(NTU), and the first time to visit National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) for the purpose of academic communication and exchange. Research students from both sides had a good discussion during the research presentations that focused on the construction engineering and management, and building information model (BIM) and etc. Besides, under the patient guidance of NTU’s and NTUST’s students, we were very impressed by the local culture, old tradition, and beautiful scenery in Taiwan. All of these left us a good and unforgettable memory for this short-term study trip. Finally, in order to enhance mutual cooperation and communication, academic staff and students from the Department of Civil Engineering from both universities received our kind invitation, and were very willing to pay a return visit to our Department of Building and Real Estate (BRE) of HKPOLYU in the near future.


Name Topic Keyword Area
Zhang Zhenyu Opening Speech & Introduction of HK POLYU, FCE, BRE & POLYU CIBSC; Development of Machine Learning and Image Recognition techniques for school buildings' seismic vulnerability assessment Image Recognition C&M
Jian Yi A Study on the Vitality of Contemporary Residential Districts in Chengdu Capability evolution C&M
Anushika Value Management: A bibliometric analysis Value management, bibliometric C&M
Michael A Scientometric Analysis of Affordable Housing Scientometric C&M
Yao Yepeng Interoperability Between BIM and GIS-A Semantic Model-based Approach Interoperability, BIM, GIS C&M

The academic communication and exchange between HKPOLYU and NTU and NTUST was well carried out by insightful presentations along the whole day in the Department of Civil Engineering of both universities. Lots of presenters from both sides shared their opinions towards construction engineering, management and visualization, affordable housing, spatial design, and BIM techniques from various perspectives. No matter responsive questions and critical comments proposed during this segment, they can be more or less helpful to inspire and optimize our further studies after the study trip. In this way, the fundamental aim and objectives of this meaningful CIBSC study trip can be, to some extent, attained or realized in the final.